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Here are some of examples of Diyers kit and their comments.

You can do the same. Send me your pics.

Here is my own made kit with phenolic shells I built before for an acoustic kit. (I also build acoustic drums). This set includes a 12”snare dual zone with the harness system. Toms are 10”, 12”, 14”. I fix a Pearl jungle kit to hold the 16” kick. Three cymbals are Alesis and two are made with practice plastic cymbals from Pintech. The hi-hat controler is a Roland FD-8. The brain on those pictures is a Roland TD-9. I also got TD-12, TD-6v, and Alesis DM5 that works all fine with those pads triggered with 35mm piezos. Each rim is muffled with rubber slotted tube from car vacuum hose. Heads are from Billy Blast.

The most expensive part of the set is the dual Taye MetalWorks Bass Drum Pedals. OUCH!$$$

At the bottom; My actual and so lovely acoustic kit that I made from the same material. Many snares also made with different materials. Outstanding sound!



I have been building custom kits for some customers and I use your triggers
every time.  You make a top quality product and I have no problems
recommending your triggers to people I talk to.  I am also on the VDRUM
forum and have messaged you there before.  My VDRUM ID is Zredwire.  Anyway
Already 3 kits I have made using your triggers.  I am going to build a new kit with the cones I just purchased from you. 


Al Bailey.

Hi Sylvain

Thanks to your great triggers I have put together a great kit and very
I use an Alesis I/O Trigger then into Superior Drummer on my Laptop/PC.
I have enclosed shots of my tom and my own brand of "Flying Disc"
e-cymbals. I probably should patent them as I haven't seen them before.
I bought a Roland V-Drum snare first, but decided to make my own, and they
are just as good.

kit 2.webp


Hi Sylvain,​

Your harness solution is probably the best thing in the market. Simple and
fully functional. And the triggers you include are very sensitive and easy
to calibrate on the DM5 module.

I am sending to you some pictures that you can use on your site.

My system (and my drumming experience) started some 3 years ago when I
bought one ALESIS DM5 PRO KIT. After a couple of months I made some changes
on the original pads and manage to install your conical triggers on it
(stress free installation - 2 CDROM glued together on the pad bottom to
mount and level the trigger. Works 100%).  With some simple tweaking your
triggers worked very well with ALESIS DM5 module.

To improve feeling and reduce noise I replaced original heads with “common”
double ply mesh heads. After a few months I decided to improve the pads, and
get some DESIGN SERIES mesh heads from My pads become
excellent. Friends with large drumming experience report that my pads are
very realistic and sensitive.

Recently I bought a 12” dual trigger snare from Millennium (
Maybe the worst triggering system ever but the general build quality is very
good. I decided to invest a little more and installed your harness system
(dual triggering) and now it rocks (for real). I found a way to install the
harness without any change on the original pad and triggers.

Next improvement (very soon) will be replacing the 12” mesh head with DESIGN
SERIES one from



José Correia Antunes

kit 3.webp
kit 4.webp


Thanks  for the fast shipping to the USA! As always you impress with your reliable shipping times and quality trigger kits
  Big Ern
New Jersey

​Thanks Again...

Hi Sylvain

The drums I used for my conversion are the 3 ddrum diablo tom 8x10-10x8-12x8

All the trigger kits were bought from you...I'm super happy with the outcome.

All the best.

Ernest Williams

Ernest Williams 4.webp
Ernest Williams 2.webp
Ernest Williams1.webp
Ernest Williams.webp

They work great I have been using Pintech (Im an endorcee ) But these are so much more Responsive, I like them and I will order more eventually I stand behind these 100%

Ray Mercier
Drummer (Sarcasm Band)

​Sylvain Dubuc
Quartz Percussions,
Thank you so much for all of your help and the quality customer service!!! 2nd to none!!!! I have been so happy with the way your triggers perform in the studio and in live shows that i am ready to do my 2nd kit!! That way i can have one at home just like the ones i play on live.
I will be sending you pictures of my creations soon for you to use as you wish,and i will also be posting them on where i have been spreading the word on what a pleasure it is to deal with you and your company!!!
So i guess if you would like to send me a quote for the complete setup as before,trigger,harness and jacks. The kit i am building will be just like my live kit. A 6 pc set up,single zone 10",12",14",16" toms single zone 22" bass drum and dual zone 14"snare. Just send me the price quote here and then i will give you my paypal adress to send the invoice.
Thank you again for all of your help and great products!!! If you are intrested in how they sound in the studio you can check out I will get a link to your site put on our site if you would like as i am a huge supporter of what you do and your products.

Customer for life,
Payton Haralson

Here are some picks of my and my son's project. we built the frame out of volleyball pole, sit up bar and gazelle frame. Drums are boughten heads and rings with thick carboard sides and 3/4 " plywood for bottoms and kick drum frame. our music room is 20 x 12 room, small for 5 people and a regular drum set, so we built this for space. my son is a computer programmer and using a drum machine, wiried and built the control box and programmed the drums using your triggers, they work great.
Dennis Crocker. missouri


Hi,I will be needing more of your dual trigger DIY setups very soon, and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your products, from the single zone trigger to the dual zone, you have the best product for the money anywhere. I don't know how you can sell them at such a great price but I'm glad I found your web store, great products great quality and great price.Thanks for the best DIY triggers available anywhere.

Eric G in New Jersey

Hi  Sylvain.

Thank you so much for the cones.  They arrived in just a few days.  I received the 6 cones I expected, plus 11 spacers and a spare peizo sensor.

They work fantastically and I'd be happy to recommend.  Feel free to add to your web site:

I used Quartz cones to replace 5- and 10-year old Roland cones.  At first I thought the 5-year-old Roland drums were still perfect, but after re-coning the 10-year-old ones, they were much better than the 5-year-old ones so I ended up re-coning the entire kit.  I used one spacer each on PD-105, PD-125, and PD-128S.  It plays like a brand new set.  You don't need any instructions per se, but basically just slowly pull the old cone off, starting at its  base edge.  A lot will stick to the piezo but just work on getting it off gently.  I think I used a fingernail a bit.  Then put a spacer on the sensor and cone on the spacer.  Put the  rim back on by finger-tightening all six bolts, then go around tightening a half-turn each in a star pattern and trying out, until it's bouncy enough for your taste.


Frank from Hongkong.

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