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Q- Do I need to drill my shell to fix the jack provided with a Quartz trigger?

R- A bracket is provided with each kit to install the ¼” jack to any mounting bolt inside or outside the shell without any drilling. You can also fix the jack through the vent hole of a shell if the diameter is over 0.465”. The jack’s dimension is  0.465” or about 12mm. If you must drill the shell, a ½” drill will do the job.

Q- Is it possible to fix a harness or any other mounting system to a 22” bass drum?

R-  Building an electronic pad with larger shells  over 16” is a little more tricky. The triggers are very sensitive. It is difficult to prevent the trampoline effect that causes double triggering. So, you may need to fill the back of the head with some kind of foam like the one used to put under a carpet. Don’t worry, hundreds of those triggers were fixed to a bass drum with success.

Q- Where is the best place to fix the trigger in the bass drum?

R- Like for the other pads, the bass trigger goes in the middle of the shell. You should fix the beater beside or below the trigger to avoid breaking the fragile piezo.

Q- Can I use those triggers as replacement parts for my Roland pad?

R- Many customers buy Quartz Percussions triggers as replacement parts for their Roland pads. You must know that not all Roland pads are the same so (on demand only) I supply pieces of adhesive foam to adjust the height if necessary.  Because our triggers are made with 35mm piezo, therefore more sensitive than a Roland part made with a 27mm piezo, you could need to adjust the sensitivity of your sound module to a lower setting.

Q- What is the difference between a cone shaped trigger or a “tour” type?

R- Due to its smaller contact surface, a conical trigger is more discreet than the cylinder (tour) type when hitting the part over the head. Both are efficient in all conditions.

Q- What type of mesh head do you suggest?

R- It is important to install a good quality meshed head to prevent a hillock on the head. Try to avoid cheap stuff made with thin mosquito screen like Pearl's. Most of the time, these heads can’t be torqued enough without tearing. Rather opt for a kevlar type mesh.

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